Sports, is from the ancient time a place to play freely to discover and explore the possibility of human body. Moreover it is not only a challenge for oneself but for also a team play hard work, that is becoming highly sophisticated.

Tokyo was selected to hold the 2020 year olympic, now that the basic act on sports are established, our consciousness towards sports is growing more and more.

In the basic act on sport, the first right to do sport was clearly stated, so that, thanks to the guaranteed right, everyone can equally enjoy sport in Japan. We want to improve that step by letting everyone - young, elder, healthy, disabled, amateur, professional - to enjoy sports together. That is the vision of the future we have.

Superhuman sports is a new challenge to reinvent sports that anyone can enjoy, anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the technology of augmented human which stabilises, reinforces and expands human abilities, everyone can get a superhuman power, smoothing difference between the capacities of everyone and compete in the same field. Our aim is to create sports where human and machines are combining, as a “device-integrated” human. With superhuman abilities such as extended strength, flying, teleportation, super dynamic vision, impremented by latest advanced technologies like radio controlled drones, tele-existence and special goggles, the player can enjoy sports as he has earned some new ability without any tool. Also to enjoy those new sports using superhuman skills safely we need to establish new rules. We want, to create new sports that fit the new era. Our aim is to think about the outline not only for playing sport, but also for sports watching, training, and safety.

To realise that vision above, we have establishedthe Superhuman Sports Academy.

Purpose of the establishment of the Academy

Create a new sport festival using a fusion of body, technology and culture.
No Limitations
Get rid of the physical and geographical limitation thanks to the augmented human technology.
Create and develop new rules to make Superhuman Sports more enjoyable and exciting.
For Training
Make training more fun and sustainable thanks to the body visualisation technology and a level design corresponding to the level of skills.
For Audience
Enhance sports watching experience by making it interactive and easily enjoyable on site or at a distant location.
For Olympics
Aim for the olympic games of 2020, to realise the project above we will propose new sports, technology, development, human resources, and establish new policies. We will actively collaborate with international associated events held in various locations.
We firmly believe that Superhuman Sports,
a fusion of sports, technology and culture,
will undoubtedly demonstrate its full potential
at the
Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

Let's create the future together!

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