#31 ValoJump / ValoJump air

ValoJumpはディスプレイカメラを搭載したソフト・ハードウェアで、トランポリン(*ValoJump airはトランポリンの代わりにエアトラックを利用)の上でジャンプするプレイヤーの姿をカメラが捉え、正面のモニターのゲーム画面に映し出し、プレイヤーはまるでゲームの主人公になったかのような気分を味わえるスポーツです。  ValoJump2台を使うと世界初対戦型トランポリンゲームができたり、専用アプリValoAppを使うとワールドコンペに参戦できたりします。

ValoJump is an award-winning fully automatic digital attraction that has been designed to enhance repeatability and to have significant play-value.
ValoJump comes in different models that are full of high quality and exciting games. ValoJump is a great fit for any indoor location and can already be found in over 125 locations spread across almost 30 countries.
We designed ValoJump to offer versatility in a small space. ValoJump helps indoor leisure industry operators to increase their competitive advantage and to maximise the floor-space revenue while allowing flexibility with monetisation.
We even launched an Active Esport League, ValoLeague, that is designed to boost revisits and to create unforgettable visitor experiences!
Finally, we want to offer our customers peace of mind. That is why ValoJump comes with Valo Motion Service that includes 24/7 Customer Care and regular system and game updates.

  • Valo Motion(フィンランド)
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