#2 Carry Otto®


CarryOtto is a racing sport based on human-machine integration technology, in which multiple players compete for rank as they operate a small motorized device with reins. The players ride on a dolly pulled by the motorized device, steer it with reins, and control the speed with a handheld device. By separating the dolly and the motorized device, and by using reins, you can enjoy unique operability and physicality like you have never experienced before.
To date, it has been shown that everyone can participate in the competition, including 3-year-old children, 80-year-old elderly, those who use a wheelchair, and those with intellectual disabilities. It is a sport in which everyone can overcome barriers of age, gender, or disabilities, and seriously compete against each other.

  • 佐藤 綱祐
  • 小野田 圭祐
  • 片桐 祥太
  • 上林 功